TYPO3 Composer installation on All-inkl

A TYPO3 composer installation is nowdays almost required, nevertheless, some hosting services do not provide the environment to make it happen, so some steps need to be taken in order to create such an environment.

We first need an ssh connection. In case you do not know how to ssh connect on all-inkl, follow this tutorial before you procceed to this one.

SSH connection on All-inkl

1. Create the directory to install the composer.phar

After a successful ssh connection, the path that it should be displayed should be the following (the w0123456 will be the account you will be using):

While there, type the following command to create the folder bin

                mkdir bin

and the change to this directory

                cd bin

2. Download the composer.phar

To download composer, copy this to your terminal/bash

                curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

After a successfull install, you should have something like that:


Now you will have to create a profile. This creates a file .user_bashrc that allows you to initialize the composer.

                echo "alias composer='/www/htdocs/w0123456/bin/composer.phar'" >> /www/htdocs/w0123456/.user_bashrc

In order to get it running, you will have to restart your terminal/bash and then, add this code.

                source /.bashrc

After that, you should have something like that:

If you have done everything right so far, then by typing composer, you should have the following mesage on your terminal/bash:

3. Problem handling

By default, All-inkl server uses PHP 5.6, so if you try to install TYPO3 v9 with composer you will get an error that looks like that:

In order to get rid of this problem, the PHP version must be changed by running this command on your terminal/bash. This command creates a symlink from the PHP folder (v7.2), to the normal php folder, from which the server reads the php configuration.

                ln -sfv /usr/bin/php72 /usr/bin/php